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Business Process Automation Opportunities for Vertical Markets

Published: January 2013

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For more information, join Randy Dazo as he discusses how this study will help identify new revenue growth from improving workflow with capture and mobile services for the healthcare, legal, financial services and education markets.


The Legal, Financial Services, Education and Healthcare industries have been known to be the most paper intensive markets. At the same time we see that most of these industries are now addressing the shift from paper to digital. However despite technology advances, compliance initiatives and automation there are still manual business processes that are still taking place in each of these industries. These remain to be obstacles in streamlining the flow of business. In addition we have seen that many of these manual processes often times involve paper that can unfortunately get lost, cannot be traced, is not auditable and worst of all can slow the business process down to a screaming halt. 

The Business Process Automation Opportunities for Vertical Markets multi-client study will map out key business processes in each of these four paper intensive markets and identify manual paper based one’s that can be addressed with scanning, mobile and workflow solutions.  In addition we will understand cultural, generational and attitudinal barriers or stimuli that are slowing or accelerating the adoption of each of these solutions.  Lastly we identify key return on investment metrics for each of these processes that are time saving, monetary, compliance and or auditability that can be used to promote the benefits of an investment.

Project Objectives

InfoTrends will take an in-depth look by mapping business processes within each of the following vertical markets keying in on specific paper intensive manual processes:

  • Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)
  • Healthcare
  • Education (K-12)
  • Legal
  • Comparison of highly automated and highly paper-intensive companies
     > Productivity, costs, time
     > Compliance, traceability, auditability
     > Technology and services
     > Leadership, culture, generational
     > Best practices
  • Current costs and potential future savings
    from BPA
     > Technology - devices, software
     > Services - integration, management
  • Strategy and go-to-market recommendations
     > Services and technology
     > Partners
     > Positioning

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff will perform an extensive analysis of the research to develop an understanding of the opportunities and issues surrounding business process automation opportunities for vertical markets.

Subscribers will receive:

  • Executive Summary addressing key issues, findings, and overall recommendations
  • Detailed written report with research findings
  • Best practices analysis
  • Solutions and services opportunity summary
  • Private webinar presentation discussing results  and recommendations

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or
via e-mail at


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