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InfoTrends Releases Mobile Imaging Study Results

Camera Phones Account for 87% of Mobile Phone Shipments in 2010

(Weymouth, MA) January 18, 2006…InfoTrends projects that worldwide camera phone shipments will grow from 233 million units in 2004 to 903 million units in 2010. By 2010, camera phones are expected to account for 87% of all mobile phone handsets shipped.

Worldwide Mobile Phone and Camera Phone Shipments (M)

The primary drivers behind this explosion are improvements in imaging functions (i.e. image sensors, zoom, and auto focus); rapid declines in prices for this functionality; higher speed wireless bandwidth; and easier-to-use handsets, services, and peripherals.

InfoTrends’ new multi-client study entitled Mobile Imaging Study is an update to research published in early 2005. The study explores this explosive market, providing companies with a global perspective on consumer behavior in each of the major markets for mobile imaging. It is designed to help digital camera and mobile handset manufacturers; wireless service providers; and photo printing equipment, services, and supplies vendors succeed in this market.

"There is a growing population of consumers that value the imaging function of their mobile phone," noted Jeff Hayes, a Group Director at InfoTrends. "These consumers are willing to pay more for their handset; tend to take, share, and print more pictures with their camera phone; and spend more per month on wireless services. Vendors need a product and marketing strategy to appeal to this lucrative imaging-centric market segment."

Research for the study included interviews with 4,782 consumers across four major geographic regions, namely North America, Western Europe (U.K., France, Germany, and Spain), Japan, and China.

Key findings include:

  • The total number of images captured on camera phones will reach 228 billion by 2010, exceeding the number of photos taken on digital still cameras and film cameras combined.
  • For many consumers, the camera phone will be their everyday camera. Camera phones will put immense competitive pressures on one-time use cameras and low-end cameras.
  • The rapid growth of camera phones will create growing opportunities for printing and sharing of images. The value of camera phone photo printing will reach approximately $7.0 billion by 2010, approximately 60% of which will take place in the home.
  • Image messaging revenue will reach $6.8 billion by 2010, and will increasingly become a part of other value-added multimedia services.

This study provides extensive research and analysis by region, age, income, and other demographics and usage patterns. It includes regional market forecasts for camera phone handsets (units, revenue), prints, print value, pictures, image sharing revenue, and other key items. The study is an update to InfoTrends’ research published in early 2005.

InfoTrends’ study is available immediately for purchase. To learn more about the report or to make a purchase, please contact Matt O’Keefe at (781) 616-2100, ext. 115 or via e-mail at

InfoTrends is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. We provide research, analysis, forecasts, and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to grow their businesses. Additional information about InfoTrends is available on the Web at

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